Business Clients

We would be delighted to assist you in:

  • Advising MBO Teams
  • Advising on Acquisitions
  • Preparing a Finance Proposal
  • Financial Sensitivity Analysis
  • Financial structure modelling
  • Preparing Business Plans
  • Negotiating Financial Documents
  • Post Funding Support
  • Non-Executive Director Support
  • Corporate Governance Reviews

Funder Services

Let us help you delivery better service to your customers through:

  • Improving Funding Proposals
  • Credit ready business risk assessments
  • Advice to MBO teams & customer Acquisitions
  • Pre-Lending Reviews
  • Post Debt Monitoring
  • Customer introductions
  • Staff Credit Risk Assessment Training & Development
  • MBO and Acquisition Finance Training

Advisor Services

We value long term relationships our clients have with their Advisors and we are here to help you with:

  • Review of Information Memorandum debt structures
  • Pre-funder risk assessments
  • Structure modelling & Sensitivity analysis
  • Support MBO teams and Acquirers
  • Provide Non CF Advisory firms with access to a non conflicting CF Advisory Service
  • Client introductions
  • Funding Training & Development seminars


Long Term Relationships

We understand the value of long term relationships and we look to first work with existing funders and advisors to bring the best solutions to our clients.

Clear about our Fees

We do not receive commissions from funders and therefore we have no conflict of interest in delivering the best solution to our clients.  All our fees and services are agreed with you in advance and clearly detailed with our Engagement Letters and Standard Terms of Business.


Next Steps…

Lets meet – for an initial discussion on how we can help you or your clients please contact us.